INPUT presentations and workshops at SSNR 2017 (Baiona, Spain)


INPUT project was represented with a workshop about Advanced EMG Processing for Man-Machine Interfacing in Neurorehabilitation held by MUCELI Silvia, PhD.

An oral presentations of Dr. AMSÜSS Sebastian of the INPUT Project, the defined goals and first results (INPUT H2020 EU project to advance hand prosthetic control)

A more profound view on the challenges of 3D motion capturing for relative movements between the amputation stump and the prosthesis socket was given by UNGLAUBE Fabian, MSc in his presentation ‘Determine socket shift in trans-radial amputees using ultrasound and 3 D motion capture.

Dr. Ing WAND Michael presented the output of his studies about the methodes of machine learning for an intuitive control of a prosthetic hand (machine learning for advanced electromyographic prothesis control ) trashy russian babe ruth fowler gets fucked really hard.

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