#TitleEvent LocationDateTypePresenter
1 Satisfaction with Intuitive Multifunctional Hand Prosthesis ControlISPOSouth AfricaMay 10, 2017Poster OBHP
2Serious gaming to train pattern-recognition based myoelectric controlTIPSUKOctober 28-30, 2016Poster UMCG
3User training for pattern-recognition based myoelectric prostheses using a serious gameISPOSouth AfricaMay 8, 2017Oral PresentationUMCG
4A Coordination Dynamics Approach to Test Multi-DOF Myoelectric Prostheses: Preliminary Results TIPSUKOctober 28-30, 2016Poster UMCG
5Differences in Sound Hand and Prosthetic Prehension from a Coordination Dynamics Perspective ISPOSouth AfricaMay 10, 2017Poster UMCG
6Current Issues with Multi-DOF Myoelectric Hand Prostheses and Indications for Testing Pattern Recognition Based ControlISPOSouth AfricaMay 10, 2017Poster UMCG
7User training for pattern-recognition based myoelectric prostheses using a serious gameMECCanadaAugust 16, 2017Poster UMCG
8Influence of a transradial amputation on neuromuscular control of forearm musclesMECCanadaAugust 15, 2017Poster UMCG
9The Sacred Infrastructure for Computational ResearchSciPy2017USAJuly 10-16, 2017Paper & OralIDSIA
10Neural Expectation MaximizationICLRFranceApril 23-26, 2017Workshop Paper & PosterIDSIA
11User training for pattern-recognition based myoelectric prostheses using a serious gameISPO NetherlandsNetherlandsOctober 6, 2017Oral PresentationUMCG
12Upper Limb Myoelectric Prostheses: User and Therapist Perspectives on Quantifying Benefits of Pattern Recognition ControlMECCanadaAugust 15, 2017Oral PresentationUMCG
13Current issues with multi-DOF myoelectric hand prostheses and indications for testing pattern recognition based controlISPO NetherlandsNetherlandsOctober 6, 2017Poster UMCG
14Franzke, A., Bongers, R, Pobatschnig, B., Unglaube, F., Kranzl, A. Murgia, A., van der Sluis, C. (2017) CURRENT ISSUES WITH MULTI-DOF MYOELECTRIC HAND PROSTHESES AND INDICATIONS FOR TESTING PATTERN RECOGNITION BASED CONTROL. Proceedings of ISPO World Congress 2017 Cape Town, p. 451, ISBN 978-87-93486-01-0ISPOSouth AfricaMay, 2017Abstract in ProceedingsUMCG/OSS
15Franzke, A., Murgia, A., van der Sluis, C. Bongers, R, (2017). DIFFERENCES IN SOUND HAND AND PROSTHETIC PREHENSION FROM A COORDINATION DYNAMICS PERSPECTIVE. Proceedings of ISPO World Congress 2017 Cape Town, South Africa, p. 452, ISBN 978-87-93486-01-0ISPOSouth AfricaMay, 2017Abstract in ProceedingsUMCG
16Franzke, A., Bongers, R, Pobatschnig, B., Unglaube, F., Kranzl, A. Murgia, A., van der Sluis, C. (2017). UPPER LIMB MYOELECTRIC PROSTHESES: USER AND THERAPIST PERSPECTIVES ON QUANTIFYING BENEFITS OF PATTERN RECOGNITION CONTROL. Proceedings of MEC 2017 New Brunswick, Canada, p.96, ISBN: 978-1-55131-190-6MECCanadaAugust, 2017Abstract in ProceedingsUMCG/OSS
17A biologically-inspired robust control system for myoelectric controlICNRSpainOctober, 2016Conference paperUMG-GOE
18Does sensory feedback in prosthetic hands provide functional benefits in daily activities of amputees?ICNRSpainOctober, 2016Conference paperUMG-GOE
19A biological-inspired myoelectric control systemIFRHJapanApril, 2017Invited talkUMG-GOE
20Robustness of regression-based myoelectric control in a clinical settingMECCanadaAugust, 2017UMG-GOE
21Translating research on myoelectric control into clinics—are the performance assessment methods adequate?Front NeurorobotJournal paperUMG-GOE
22User adaptation in myoelectric man-machine interfacesSci RepJournal paperUMG-GOE
23Electromyographic and kinematic evaluation of upper extremity movement patterns of trans-radial amputeesESMACSpainSeptember ,2016Oral PresentationOSS
24Pilotstudie-Normdaten für Alltagsbewegungen. Vergleich zwischen der Kinematik von Normprobanden und Prothesenträger unter Einbeziehung verschiedener ProthesensystemeOT-WorldGermanyMai, 2016Oral PresentationOSS
253D and electromyographic evaluation of upper extremity movement patterns of trans-radial amputeesISPOSouth AfricaMai, 2017Oral PresentationOSS
26Keynote lecture on myocontrolMECCanadaAugust, 2017KexnoteICL
27Robustness of regression-based myoelectric control in a clinical settingMECCanadaAugust, 2017Abstract in ProceedingsICL
28Unglaube, F., Pobatschnig, B., Kranzl, A., (2017) Determine socket shift in trans-radial amputees using ultrasound and 3 D motion captureSSNRSpainSeptember, 2017Oral PresentationOSS
29Evaluation von Stumpf-Schaft Verschiebungen mittels Ultraschall – Pilotversuch zur Reproduzierbarkeit der MethodikGAMMAGermanyFebruary, 2018Oral PresentationOSS
30Investigation of a method to identify socket-limb displacements of trans-radial amputeesIASPTAustriaMai, 2018Oral PresentationOSS
31Unglaube, F., Pobatschnig, B., Kranzl, A., (2018) Relation of the arm profile score and the linear index of function. Is the SHAP an adequate functionality assessment of prosthetic use? A case study.IASPTAustriaMay, 2018Oral PresentationOSS
32Does the SHAP reflect the amount of compensatory movements in upper limb tasks?OT-WorldGermanyMai, 2018Oral PresentationOSS
33Centre of Pressure as robust indicator of compensatory movements during daily activities OT-WorldGermanyMia, 2018Poster OSS
34Pattern recognition myoelectric control: Evaluating EMG pattern separabilityIASPTAustriaMay 10-12, 2018Poster UMCG
35Different feedback during user training for pattern recognition control lead to similar performance, but in different waysIASPTAustriaMay 10-12, 2018Poster UMCG
36M. B. Kristoffersen, A. Franzke, A. Murgia, R. Bongers, C. van der Sluis; Using a serious game to find distinct electromyogram patterns IASPTAustriaMay 10-12, 2018Abstract in ProceedingsUMCG
37Multichannel Signal Extraction after TMRIASPTAustriaMay 10-12, 2018KeynoteICL
38Towards fully unsupervised algorithms for myoelectric prosthetic control IASPTAustriaMay 10-12, 2018Oral PresentationICL
39New Generation of Clinical Bionic Limbs – Overview OT World 2018 GermanyMay 17-20, 2018Oral PresentationICL
Dexterous Prosthesis and Structured Training Can Reduce Compensatory Movements in Upper-Limb AmputeesISEKIrelandJune 28-July 3Poster ICL
41Invited talk on myocontrol8th World Congress of BiomechanicsIrelandJuly 7, 2018Invited talk
42Online mapping of EMG signals into kinematics by autoencodingJ. Neuroeng. RehabilMarch, 2018Journal paperICL
43Simultaneous control of multiple functions of bionic hand prostheses: Performance and robustness in end usersSci. Robot.June, 2018Journal paperICL
44Myoelectric Assitive Devices: Does EMG distinctness reflect control abilityRehabMove
December, 2018
45Training movements for distinct electromyogram patterns using serious gamingRehabMoveNetherlandsDecember, 2018Presentation
46Mimicking EMG features of amputated limbs by restricting unaffected limbsTIPS
UKMarch, 2019
47Comparison of EMG pattern separability in the affected and non-affected arm in individuals with amputationTIPS
UKMarch, 2019
48Users’ and therapists’ perceptions of myoelectric multi-function upper limb prostheses with conventional and pattern recognition control
Journal paper
49Serious game training in machine learning controlled prosthetic hands: results on functional outcomes IEEE T NEUR SYS REH
Journal paper
50The Effect of Feedback During Training Sessions on Learning Pattern-Recognition-Based Prosthesis ControlISPOJapan05.Okt.19
Oral Presentation
51Serious game training in machine learning controlled prosthetic hands: results on functional outcomes
EWEPFrance 01.Jun.18
Oral Presentation
52Viability of myocontrolled assistive technology from a motor coordination perspective
RehabMove18NetherlandsDecember, 2018
Poster presentation
53Action-perception learning in upper limb prosthesis use
Prosthetic WorkshopUKMarch, 2019
Oral Presentation
54Implications of movement coordination for developng myocontrolled prostheses
TIPS2019UKMarch, 2019
Oral Presentation
55Learning to use hand prostheses: Appplying serious games to improve rehabilitation
SMALLLNetherlandsSept, 2019
Oral Presentation