Research and Development
Gebäude_KaiserstraßeOttobock Operation in Austria develops and manufactures high-tech prostheses for the global market. The Austrian operation in Vienna is one of the leading research and development facilities of the Otto Bock group of companies.

Facts & Figures
One of the company’s most important centres of research and development is located in Vienna. One third of the 640 employees in Vienna is working in this area. Research with a focus on the core competences of the business units Orthobionic® and Bionicmobility® is carried out at the Vienna Technology Centre at the Kaiserstraße operation. The results of this research are the foundation for successful innovations for more quality of life. In 2014 about 28 million euro of the total sales were invested in research & development. In 2014 a turnover of 101.7 million euro was made.
Manufacturing and Administration
Gebäude_BrehmstraßeIn 2012 a new production building in Brehmstraße 16, 1110 Vienna was startedup. 16.6 million euro were invested in the construction of the new building and outdoor installations. A R&D building of similar size and amount of investment is planned. Until the year 2020 a total of 700 employees will work for Ottobock in Austria


Dr. Sebastian Amsuess
Scientific Coordinator
Dr. Michael Friedrich Russold
Department Head
Markus Schachinger, MSc
Project Manager