Gait analysis in Vienna-Speising

A highly-sophisticated gait analysis laboratory in a Vienna hospital is where the data for the “INPUT”-study are being collected , and clinical tests are performed.

The gait analysis lab in Vienna’s key orthopaedic clinic – the Orthopaedic Hospital Vienna-Speising – is one of the most modern and technically best-equipped of its kind in Austria and the CEE region. It has been founded 20 years ago.

In this lab, human motion can be captured and analyzed in every thinkable detail, while movements of the human body are presented in a 3D graphic design.


Playing a key role in the analyses are 12 high-tech cameras that are usually only used by Hollywood studios in the production of “motion capture movies”. They have a striking resolution of 360 pictures per second (the usual video frequency is 24 or 25 pics a second).

In addition, force plates, which are built in on the walkway of the lab, help evaluate the human gait.

Given the fact that all employees in Speising’ s lab are highly-educated and have long standing experiences with gait analyses, a high quality and scientific validity in data analyses can be guaranteed.

By the way, in this institution, also analyses of sports movements can be done. For example, running, biking and golfing analyses are offered (on a payable basis).

To put it in a nutshell, the Vienna-Speising gait analysis lab is a technically best-equipped scientific studio with a long standing tradition and well-educated personell. In the EU-INPUT-study it plays the key roll in data collection.


Barbara Pobatschnig, MSc
PhD Student
Ing. Dr. Andreas Kranzl
Head of gait analysis lab
Fabian Unglaube, MSc
PhD Student

Contact: info@bewegungsanalyse.at