Milestone numberMilestone nameRelated work package(s)Expected DateView
MS1Integrated machine learning software suite developed and testedWP 6M08MS1 Report
MS2Guidelines for optimized signal acquisition availableWP 4M21MS2 Report
MS3First test prosthesis setup with machine learning system available for end user testsWP 3, WP6M24
MS4Theoretical foundations of EMG signals establishedWP 5M24MS4 Report
MS5Machine learning system available for testing with patientsWP 6M24MS5 Report
MS6Rehabilitation Game developed and tested with different types of usersWP 8M24MS6 Report
MS7Develop a test for measuring performance with simultaneous proportional prosthetic deviceWP 9M24MS7 Report
MS8Developed a system to monitor prosthesis activities in daily life situationsWP 9M24MS8 Report
MS9End of verifying test setup with amputeesWP 7M30MS9 Report
MS10Final test prosthesis setup with mobile machine learning system available for end user testsWP 3M36
MS11Decision on signal acquisition hardware for clinical testsWP 4M40
MS12Determine relative contribution of computer-based training to conventionally based trainingWP 8M48
MS13Evaluated advancements of simultaneous proportional prosthetic device compared to current state of the artWP 9M48